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January 19th, 2018...

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone interested in joining us for Designer Quilt Club!  First meeting of 2018 will be January 30th at 5:30pm!!

Designer Quilt Club 2018
Monthly Meetings: The last Tuesday of the month
Starting at 5:30pm only!
Cost- $18 for the year

We will share a new pattern with you each month & catch you up on what’s NEW at Designer Fabrics!!

Door Prizes –
Monthly prizes will include one complete kit of the featured project, plus a number of other small prizes & a quilt label with a discount value of 20% to be used anytime within 1 week from that day received.  Grand prize door prize added to the bucket each month.

Door Prize Eligibility–
    *One ticket for attending the meeting
    **Two tickets for two consecutive meetings
    ***Three tickets for three consecutive meetings or more
        …If you miss a meeting, you go back to one ticket
    *One ticket for each item, or a “set” of items, of show-n-tell under 30" square
    **Two tickets for each item of show-n-tell 31"-60" square
    ***Three tickets for each item of show-n-tell over 61" square
    *One additional ticket for each item labeled- Dated & Signed
    *Two tickets for any item personally quilted by the member- **must include batting
    ***Three tickets for any designated UFO Challenge project 200” area or less
        (All sides added)
    *******SIX tickets for any designated UFO Challenge project 201” area or more
        (All sides added)
    *****FIVE tickets for any completed 2018 Club project …your fabric or ours!
Club Member Discount-
Each member will receive a 15% discount to be used the night of the meeting.

Dessert and Beverage-
Spend a little time away from home and socialize with quilting friends at this monthly gathering, & maybe get inspired to make something & share it with a friend!

Grand Prize Drawing Thursday, December 27th, 2017, 5:30 pm only due to it falling on Christmas…-must be present to win!

UFO Challenge 2018 (You have the choice of participating or not in this challenge, no worries!)

Pick (12) projects you want to finish this year. It can be a new kit, or one already started. Make a list from 1 to 12. Fill in the name of the project, finished size, and description of where you are on the project beside the number. At each meeting, we will randomly draw a number from 1-12. That will be the number of the project you will work on that next month. If you feel the need to change the order of the project, that is fine, but it must be on the initial Challenge form. At the next meeting, fill in your progress. If completed, bring to show & tell for everyone to see. If fully completed, you will receive (3) extra tickets for any project under 200" (all sides measured and added together) or (6) extra tickets for anything above 201". Please bring us a copy of your 12 UFO Projects List, for us to keep, to the January meeting to be eligible to participate in our UFO Challenge! Remember, only one project per month! I'm sure all of us can find 12 projects in a little over a week! Ready, Set, Go!!  Don't forget to bring a finished UFO to the January meeting!!   

 ***There will be a one-time only grace period of turning your Challenge List in by February 6th, if you haven’t been notified of the new Challenge.

2018 UnFinished Object List
 Name of Project    Finished Size   What stage is it at      Date Completed

Designer Fabrics


Let's Go Quilting!!

Greetings from Designer Fabrics

Hello, Everyone!

Happy New Year!! Well, ready or not, the new year is upon us! Filled to the brim with new adventures around each corner!! For me, it is the challenge to keep up... Tomorrow the next session of Top Your Table Club begins! And Wednesday, I pack for our first vending opportunity of the year! Off to Richardton for a great group of ladies I look forward to seeing each year! Just wishing I had a couple more days to organize MY projects for the weekend... Guess I'll just have to be a little quieter when I stay up late and get up early to squeeze a few more moments out of the day! Good thing my husband can't hear very well...

Ooh, check out our newly updated website! With the new move and the new signage, it was time for a change... I hope you like it as much as I do! Designer Fabrics

All the NEW items into the shop & the Events reminders are being posted so you can keep track of us on Facebook! Just in case you don't have extra time to peruse the website & want a general overview of what has been happening!! I'll try & post pictures of our whereabouts when possible!!

Upcoming events... January 9th~ Top Your Table Club 2018! This club is scheduled to meet at 5:30pm on the second Tuesday of the month. Cost of the club is the purchase of the book we will be featuring- Tablerunner Bliss by Sherri Falls! It is jam packed with projects, of which we will pick (12) and showcase one per month. Join us for a night out of inspiration, show & tell, and some fun!!

January 11th~ Jim will hopefully be here for machine service.

January 16th~ Quilt Guild- Meeting to begin at 6:00 at the Gathered Together building. We will be working on our Crayon Embroidery project & playing for Grunge strips!

January 30th~ Designer Quilt Club 2018! New this year... Meetings will be held at 5:30pm only! With the bigger digs, I'm hoping to catch everyone all at one time! DQC meets on the last Tuesday of each month. We will feature a new creation each month that is in-house designed. You will get the pattern, and a discount for the evening. We will inspire you with show & tell, and you will have a great night out with friends! Cost for the year is $18.

February 4th~ Super Bowl Widows' Sale

February 13th~ Top Your Table Club

February 20th~ Guild

February 27th~ DQC

New into the shop...

Tablerunner Bliss
Here is the fantastically full book from Sherri Falls that we are using for our Top Your Table Club for 2018!

ADORNit Fabrics
We added a whole pile of fabrics from ADORNit!

Behing the Scenes
New to the shop are a couple of precut bundles- charm packs and fat quarter bundles, from Jen Kingwell for Moda! Soft, muted tones set the stage for pops of color!

Tonga Batiks
And the addition of some great new batiks from Timeless Treasures, along with some 6-Pack Treats & Strip JRs!!

Have a great week!!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!! Jackie