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Greetings from Designer Fabrics

Hello, Everyone!

Happy Fall!! I have a love/hate relationship with Fall... I absolutely love the Fall colors that are everywhere you look, but look fast as the wind usually blows them away in a few days. I hate that harvest brings on my allergy-induced asthma. As I write this, the guys are right outside my house harvesting soybeans, of which are my biggest nemesis. Every year it get's worse. I also hate knowing that the next season is generally white and not so nice...

Things are moving right along with plans for moving into the new space. Officially, I am thinking that the November 1st schedule is still on. I just have to be patient as my husband is going to be building me shelving to house all of the fabric that currently is housed in built-in shelves. Currently, he is out harvesting- up early and home late. I'm sure the shelves are not on his radar at this moment and is probably why he's been trying to delay my move-in date. Let's hope they don't go directly into corn when they finish up soybeans this week! I would like to see a little more than one shelf built in 3 weeks! Patience... I will let you know if I plan on being closed for a week or so to get everything up and running...

Other than that, my mind is continually thinking of the new space and where things are going to go. I have a feeling it will take some getting used to for awhile and everything my change once I get in there. But, I have to shut my brain off once in awhile and focus on what's happening today or this week at least. Time to pack up for another retreat out in Richardton, we have a Canadian bus stopping on Friday, Top Your Table Club tomorrow, pick up buns on Wednesday, hopefully can another box of tomatoes this week before I leave... Oh, the list goes on and on.

All the NEW items into the shop & the Events reminders are being posted so you can keep track of us on Facebook! Just in case you don't have extra time to peruse the website & want a general overview of what has been happening!! I'll try & post pictures of our whereabouts when possible!!

Upcoming events so far for 2017 at Designer Fabrics... October 10th~ Top Your Trendy Table Club- Meeting to begin at 5:30!

October 12th~ Jim will hopefully be here for machine service.

October 15th~ Quilt Bingo!! 2:00 at the Carrington High School Gym. Snacks and drinks are going to be available. Tickets available at the Garden Gate! $20 per ticket gets you (2) Bingo cards. More cards available at the door. Proceeds to go to the Carrington Swimming Pool updates!

October 17th~ Carrington Quilt Guild Meeting- We are going to shake up the UFO Challenge for this year. Pick (12) projects you want to finish this year, and $12 entry fee. It can be a new kit, or one already started. Make a list from 1 to 12. Fill in the description of where you are on the project beside the project and number. At each meeting, we will randomly draw a number from 1-12. That will be the number of the project you will work on that next month. If you feel the need to change the order of the project, that is fine, but it must be on the initial Challenge form. At the next meeting, fill in your progress. If completed, bring to show & tell for everyone to see, and you will get a ticket to be entered into the final drawings in October 2018. Please bring us a copy of your 12 UFO Projects List, for us to keep, to the October meeting to be eligible to participate in our UFO Challenge! If you need a premade list, just download the one we found on American Patchwork & Quilting's UFO Challenge. Remember, only one project per month! For those of you participating in the Designer Quilt Club Challenge, I challenge you to choose projects that aren't on your list for the Guild Challenge. Ready, Set, Go!!

October 31st~ Happy Halloween! Designer Quilt Club will be at 3:30 & 7pm!!***Finished UFO Challenge #5 Due!!

November 1st~ Row By Row kits come out of Hibernation!

November 16th-19th~ Crystal Springs Retreat- Numbers are at 35! We are pretty sure we can hold 39/40 comfortably in the dining hall, so we are bumping up the numbers!!

New into the shop...
Wildlife Sanctuary 4 Batiks
'Tis the season for these critters to be crossing in front of me on my drive home... Let's hope we don't tag one anytime soon!! For now we have a couple of new Wildlife Sanctuary 4 Batik prints that have been added to our shelves from Robert Kaufman... perfect for those guy quilts!!

Picture This
And panels are still hot items!! Especially when they are digitally printed! And they seem to keep me on my toes finding patterns for them with all of their variable sizes... This particular one is from Robert Kaufman.

Cute Mini Clothes Pins
Check out these super cute little clothes pins from Moda! The come in the red/blue combo (shown) or in brights. Also, there is another variety in 12 packs that are stripes, dots, etc. in both color ways! Clip your rows in order, bookmark a page in your book, hang some mini quilts or notes with twine, or just covet them for yourself!

Designer Labels
And last but not least, a fabulous 30" x 60" piece of fabric with all different quilt labels! There should be at least one for every occasion!!

Crystal Springs Retreat
Crystal Springs Baptist Camp
Medina, ND
November 16th-19th, 2017

Come and join us for a relaxing weekend of quilting! Normal arrival is 9am Friday, but you are welcome to come Thursday after 1pm if you'd like. There will be an additional $30 cost for the night & no meals, so if you can swing it let us know! I know everyone is on a mission and a few extra hours may help make the difference in a finished quilt top!! Cost is $30.00 per night and $8.00 per meal. Sunday, most people leave around 3pm, but the staff won't kick you out if you have time to work on your quilts! If you’d like to join us just for the day, if we have room, the fee is $10.00 & any cost of meals you stay for. You plan your own weekend!! There are no organized classes, just bring your own unfinished projects to work on!! Everyone must have a few of those tucked away… If you are all caught up or need something new from your wish list, Designer Fabrics will have a shop set up!! Or if you need something from Designer Fabrics that you know of ahead of time, let us know & we'd be happy to bring it with (whether it is bolts, cut yardage, or special-ordering patterns & notions!). Nows your chance to work on your UFOs uninterrupted in a well lit, huge space! We sew in the dining hall (which holds 200 people), and save a few tables to eat on. Bring long extension cords and maybe your favorite chair! Some even have their own 4 foot tables to use for cutting mats or ironing... Believe me, quilters can pack a car!! And a trailer!!

Crystal Springs provides a cook for the following planned meal:
Friday~ Dinner at 12 noon-----Supper at 6:00pm
Saturday~ Brunch at 10:00am-----Supper at 6:00pm
Sunday~ Brunch at 10:00am
***We need a head count 2 weeks prior to each retreat. After that, we will not be able to change the count.***
***You will be charged for the meals you sign up for and will not be able to get a refund for not taking them.***

We also have a table or so for the "grazing buffet" of shared snacks (& please bring the recipe to share also)! Sleeping accommodations are dorm-style, with room for 100. So remember to bring a sleeping bag or bedding for a twin sized bed, pillow and toiletries.

This Retreat is limited to 34 people, so we are asking for a $50 non-refundable fee for holding your reserved spot. Remember... First come, first guaranteed. No exceptions, Reservations fill up fast!! If you don’t hear from us, we will see you there! We will let you know if you need to be put on the waiting list. This reservation fee will be deducted from your final cost, if you attend.

Any questions contact Jackie at or call 701-652-3535 from 10:00am-5:00pm weekdays.

Please complete & mail the bottom of this letter and your separate fees for each retreat (payable to Crystal Springs Bible Camp) to:

Designer Fabrics
ATTN: Crystal Springs Retreat
929 Main Street
Carrington, ND 58421


Home Phone________________________________________________Cell__________________________________________________
Email Address_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please Circle Days Attending Thursday Night Friday Saturday Sunday
Please Circle Meals Attending Friday(we need a head count for the cook) - Dinner Supper
Saturday- Brunch Supper
Sunday- Brunch
Please Circle Month(s) Attending November

Have a great week!!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!! Jackie
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