The Quilter's Planner 2019
The Quilter’s Planner will inspire you to achieve your goals, and organize both your personal life and your quilting life.

This year’s edition is full of improvements, including:

-8″ x 10″ planner, 208 pages

-A companion full-color glossy magazine with 13 quilting and sewing patterns by top designers

-Traditional Sunday start day layout

-Weekly and monthly calendar pages

-Project planning pages and project at-a-glance pages

-Monthly quilt blocks featured in a new Quilter’s Planner Sampler Quilt pattern by Cheryl Brickey!

-4 pages of planner stickers by 2019 Featured Artist Camille Roskelley

-Laminated cover and colorful tabs designed by Camille Roskelley

-To-do lists galore

-Photography of the 14 included patterns by Kitty Wilkin

-Deadline planning pages

-Bee block & swap projects planner

-Yearly goals planning page

-In-depth reference section with cutting measurements and yardage planner

-Lots of graph paper (graph, dot, hexagon, and triangle) and blank drawing paper

-Pocket on the inside back cover
Sale--was 59.00

    Floral Cover
    Orange Peel Cover

Ref # Planner      $53.10 ea.    
Which planner cover would you like? Floral
Orange Peel
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Tin Nested Set of (3) Bonnie & Camille
from Moda.
Sale--was 25.00

    Larger Image

Ref # tinset1      $22.50 ea.         Quantity:  

Good Life Double Oven Mitt Navy
from Moda.
Sale--was 17.00

    Larger Image

Ref # 997-61      $15.30 ea.         Quantity:  

Tin Set of 3 Swell Holiday
These set of tins are ready for you to fill! I'm thinking sewing supplies like buttons, or spools, or even cookies!! This sweet group is by Urban Chiks from Moda.
Sale--was 20.00

    Larger Image

Ref # tinset4      $18.00 ea.         Quantity:  

For Good Measure 26 Pins Brights
by Moda.
Sale--was 10.50

    Larger Image

Ref # cpins15      $9.45 ea.         Quantity:  

Make Your Mark 12 Pins Brights
by Moda.
Sale--was 6.50

    Larger Image

Ref # cpins17      $5.85 ea.         Quantity:  

Sitting Pretty Socks
from Moda.
Sale--was 15.50

    Larger Image

Ref # socks14      $13.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Pins & Needles Socks
from Moda.
Sale--was 15.50

    Larger Image

Ref # socks17      $13.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Measure Cups Peony Mint
4pc set - 6.3" x 3.3". Includes 1, 1/2, 1/3 & 1/4 measuring cups by One Canoe Two from Moda.
Sale--was 21.00

    Larger Image

Ref # 35049      $18.90 ea.         Quantity:  

Canister Peony Mint
8.5" x 5.5" diameter ceramic canister by One Canoe Two from Moda.
Sale--was 17.00

    Larger Image

Ref # 35047      $15.30 ea.         Quantity:  

Metropolis Lined Canvas Tote
from Moda.
Sale--was 17.00

    Larger Image

Ref # 963-68      $15.30 ea.         Quantity:  

Door Mat- It's Sew Good To See You- 1 left!!
from Moda.
Sale--was 24.50

    Larger Image

Ref # 964-14      $22.05 ea.         Quantity:  

Nested Boxes Metropolis Set of 3
from Moda.
Sale--was 35.50

    Larger Image

Ref # 1002-11      $31.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Lunchbox Tins Metropolis Set of 2
from Moda.
Sale--was 13.50

    Larger Image

Ref # 1003-11      $12.15 ea.         Quantity:  

Pencil Box Sunnyside Up Set of 3- 1 left!!
from Moda.
Sale--was 25.50

    Larger Image

Ref # 1002-15      $22.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Wise Word Planner 2019 Meadow
from Moda.
Sale--was 36.50

    Larger Image

Ref # pl20019-a2      $32.85 ea.         Quantity:  

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